The digital me

My feeling is that I am not digital at all! However, when I start to think about it, that’s not true. I have a smart phone, actually two, one iPhone for work and one Android for my private life. Thru the iPhone I have access to my work e-mail and I use that a lot when I am on the move between meetings. I also have access to my Hotmail in both smartphones. My most used app is the one for public transportation in Stockholm, now I think I would find it hard to survive without it. I have also downloaded apps for pdfs and office and for searching PubMed. When I went abroad I used some apps that also worked off-line, apps with maps, metro system and tourist information are really helpful. Sometimes, but not often, I use the internet on the phones when there is some information that I need. I also have a Facebook account. I read what my friends post on Facebook maybe once a week but I seldom post anything myself. I got in contact with my old class from high school thru Facebook and I was invited to join a private group. Some in the group used Facebook to track more old classmates and a meeting in IRL was arranged. That was really nice and I doubt that it would have happened without Facebook. For research meetings I have used Skype and Adobe connect a couple of times. None of the meetings worked out very well, some people couldn’t get connected, and someone was thrown out, the computer shut down and so on. Maybe some more practice would do the trick…

Now the FDOL-course has been going on for a little more than one week. I am starting to find my way around among Google+ , twitter and so on. Of course, a couple of empty tweets, (I don’t know how that happened?), missed video calls (what to do when the computer starts ringing?), and I am still not certain where my comments will be published (but there is always someone who answers…), I am learning and I am allowed to make mistakes! I feel a little bit stressed that I miss something, that I should be online more often, use the smart phone on-the go more often, make more comments, hope I don’t offend anyone…something in written seem so definite.

Some thoughts about e-learning. How to keep e-learners motivated? It seems more difficult than in traditional learning. E-learners need to be structured and take a lot of responsibility, of course that is true for all kind of learners but maybe more for e-learners? E-learning in itself needs to be structured and there is a need for assistance on the way. When people in a course are on different levels in their digital knowledge, should they help each other? Or should an assistant or teacher help? Should there be a minimum level of digital knowledge to enter the course? In that case, how should that level be established? Maybe there should be a pre-course to get to know the tools? Should there be rules about how many tweets, how many comments or how long comments the participants make, or about how many hangouts they participate in? People hopefully start a course online, or non-online, with intentions to take the whole course, during the way things happen, that’s life. However, it might be easier to fall out of an online course, or maybe not???? Interesting with a course where people from all over the world can participate! What knowledge and experience couldn’t be gained from a course like that! Are we shy and cautious online or more open than IRL? Would it be more activity in the PBL-groups if the course was held in Swedish?

There have been this series of articles about digital stress in one of the big morning papers in Sweden. I have been reading the articles and I feel that this digital world with all the new techniques, always being connected and available, really can cause harm if it is not handled properly. That it can “take over all your life”. However, despite this, I feel I am falling behind. Students, family and friends use these new tools. I need to keep up and I think that the FDOL course will help me do that. Now I am really forced to engage in this new world…but deep down I feel I am still more of a “face to face person”. But maybe that will change…


6 thoughts on “The digital me”

  1. You are right, we are more digital than we think. Who (what) forced you to engage in this new FDOL world? Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. As long as we are learners: mistakes are methods – not failure.

    1. Hi Christian, thank you for your comment. I forced my self. I want to keep up with what is going on and to have an idea of what people are talking about. This course was a way for me to get started and I wouldn’t have gotten this far (if you could call it that…) without this course.I hope that it can be useful in my work in the future.

  2. Christina, what would we do without the apps we are so used to that we take them for granted? When abroad it feels like you go back 5-7 years when you are without your time schedule and you can not see when the museum opens and where it (or yourself) is located… 🙂

    Have you downloaded the apps for google plus on your phone? In the apps you can see your notifications for the different groups and also there is an app for hangouts as well, very convenient.

    I think that the motivation factor that you mention above is really important and your questions made me think about the article by Coomey and Stephenson that I read and tried to connect to my practice, especially the parts about dialogue, involvement, support and control. This course is open in so many ways – in what context would this course design work and where not?

    Thank you for sharing!!

  3. I have just lately watched SocialNetwork for the third time and it was quite nice quote that when you leave something on the internet you leave it forever for everyone. I agree with you that we need to be extra politically correct when leaving comments o others posts as those might harm people unintentionally of course. We are all individuals who read and interpret thing differently based on our own experience mostly private i would say.

  4. hi Chistina, welcome to your digital self! 🙂
    it is true, this world can quickly take over your “other” world but only if you let it. I am sure that being a face-to-face person it won’t happen to you, but it sure is good to be updated and learn also this way, so I applaude that you went for it participating to this course.

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