Summative reflection

Now the FDOL has come to an end for me. I really would have wanted to continue for three more weeks. However, since I participate in the course on my own private time it is too much. Maybe if I can breathe for a while, and then continue the next semester…

I have learned a lot! It took some time to get going, so to say, even though I had installed and read about several of the platforms in advance. But when it was for real and I had to comment, twitter, participate in hangouts and blog it was very confusing and because of my limited digital experience very time consuming. At one moment I almost gave up…so much trial and error. Still, I think you need to try for yourself to find out how the different platforms work, there is no easy way out. Now I feel quite experienced, at least compared to myself at the beginning of the course.

I have read most of the suggested material but not all. I have also saved lots of useful links for the future. I have tried a couple of new platforms that weren’t part of the course like Trello, Padlet, Skype and MindMeister.

I have met a lot of wonderful people online who have shared their knowledge and experience without hesitating. Fantastic! Me, myself, I certainly need more time to explore open educational resources…

I also think the process of the group has been interesting to follow (and to be part of!), at the beginning a little cautious and shy, but the first synchronous activity really made our PBL group going. It was a pity that we didn’t manage to have more of those synchronous meetings, like hangouts and Skype. I think that would have made it easier to plan our activities and to work towards mutual goals.

It has also been interesting to look at the fdol and understand more and more about how and why it has been designed the way it was.

I have become much more aware of the difficulties with e-learning. Yesterday I discussed the many dropouts in a distance course at KI with one of the teachers involved. I realized that I knew much more about online learning and which strategies to adopt then she did, thanks to the fdol course. I know that support is crucial! I also think that teachers should invest, and be more active in the beginning of a course. Support from peers is also good but I don’t think it can replace the support from the teacher, at least not in a distance course of the kind that we discussed.

Last but not least, I have reached my own goal for participating in the fdol, I have increased my digital literacy. Next step is to engage in new e-learning activities and to have a look at all the links that I have saved. Then, maybe in the future I will design own flexible distance online learning activities. Maybe online case seminars with students from Sweden and Africa can become reality…


4 thoughts on “Summative reflection”

  1. Dear Christina,
    It’s been great sharing this experience with you and I think you’ve done really well (said from one former illiterate to another former illiterate)!! I have enjoyed reading your posts (even though I haven’t always commented), not least because I recognize some of the difficulties you mention from when I worked at the PT programme in Linköping. I hope you get to put your ideas into practice!

  2. loved reading this post. it quite summarizes my experience too. I agree regarding the importance of support from the teachers, expecially in the beginning can reduce drop-out rate. I also think that being able to chose you study companions would help. here the groups were quite random. I wonder if it would be possible to give the students an initial time frame to get to freely get to know each other and make the groups themselves. and then the teachers could intervene to group people who have not yet formed/been included in any group… what do you think? this is kind of the way I do it at seminars. I leave the students free to form their own groups and group myself only the students that did not include themselves in any group. anyway, it was nice to study with you, i wish I would have been more active during the central part of the course and I wish we could have worked more synchronically. more to elaborate and think about when designing our own distance courses 🙂 good luck with everything and congratulations again for your digital achievements.

    1. Hi Barbara. One thought I had was to divide all students into different groups and then if they wanted to they could change with each other. The number in the groups should remain the same. Maybe it is easier to form own groups when it’s face to face, I don’t know. The way you do it sounds good to me as long as no student feels put on the side or maybe like intruders in an already formed group.
      Yes it would have been good with more synchrounus meetings. But the reality was that it was difficult yo achive. We have to live with that. Good luck in the future maybe we meet online sometime! ☺

  3. I agree with you that this course really have got you and me on track – I have a feeling of beeing upgraded and it seems that you have experienced the same thing !. Hope to meet you in another online community in the future!

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